Volume 3...Easter

listen with sympathy
listen with the pureness of death,
the pliance of swampwater soft
with heat & gator patience
listen like a mountain
listen like saguaros listening
to cactus wren, coyote, night bats,
little owls
listen like the owl
listen like the owl's prey
jittery in rocks beneath bighorn's
shelled feet & diamondback's
warning rattle
listen like the rattlesnake
with your tongue
listen like the rocks
listening to snow
hear it; hear it, man, all
of it, the earth's moan, the
soft ring of the freight tracks,
the cymbal sizzle of trackside weeds, the hoot
of wind cutting round yr building, the pigeon, the
rummy cough of Halstead winos, hear it,
the hymn of it, the muttering
lying truth of it, the voices
singing it all day,
the story, the song,
you've got to hear it,

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