I'm BAAAAACK in the Saddle Again! Autumn Dispatch & News

It's October in the railroad earth. I was on my way to work on Sept. 11, driving down Route 66, listening to the wacky drive-time radio. They started screaming. Dntn Chi was pandemonium -- people evacuting, jets zooming around the Sears tower, FBI black Suburbans with black windows parking on the sidewalks. I just came home to be with my loved ones.

Home, by the way, is now in the country ... mas o menos. Okay, it's the 'burbs. But it feels like country to me. We escaped the siege of Chicago, got out west (the best direction, after all) to the land of prairies and cardinals, chipmunks and frongs, rivers, bogs, streams, raspberries and crows. A big house with a grape arbor and a fireplace.

In August, before Armageddon began, I was invited to firewalk in California. I offered my feet up to God and stepped into the fire (1200 degrees) and strolled through it, feeling NOTHING! Didn't hurt a big. In fact, the fire felt cool and soft, the coals like fresh snow on my bare feet.

NEWS: I've had two new books accepted by Little,Brown. yes, for you fans and fanatics -- Teresita is finally coming out. And a non-fiction book about -- what else -- the border. I am thankful and eager to get back to work on big books. Touring to see all of you again. Sleeping late and spending big wads of filthy stinking money! Also, watch for my small book of stories coming out in January. It's called Six Kinds of Sky, and it's being published by my old friend Bobby Byrd at Cinco Puntos Press. That's, what, 11 books?!?! Can that be right?

Yo, homies -- it pays to firewalk!

By the way, for you swell folks who sign my guest book here at the website, if you want me to write back, leave me your e-address, or send me a note via the site. I don't know how to reach some of you. I'd like to say hi.

In spite of horrors and fire, crashing plans and anthrax, life is sweet. It is, as Hulk Hogan used to say when he was the wicked leader of the NWO on World Championship Wrestling: 2 SWEEEEET! I don't plan to hide under my bed. I plan to listen to music, walk down to the creek and watch turtles, make love, take my vitamins, watch Vin Diesel movies, buy poetry books, drive to California and Colorado. It's time to grab this life and squeeze it, lick it, grasp it, drink every juicy drop we can get out of it.

All of us, right now, are firewalking.


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