MY NEW BOOK: Six Kinds of Sky is available now from Cinco Puntos Press.

Dear Faithful Reader(s): the new one's out, and I really like it. I've always wanted a black cover, and this one's beautiful. We've been getting a bunch of positive reviews (one of them is reproduced, below). If you're curious, you can see 'em at www.cincopuntos.com.

Busy, busy days. I've recently been out to San Diego, doing a reading for UCSD. It was gruesome. Then off to Laramie, Wyo--near my beloved Front Range of the Rockies. I was fortunate enough to speak at the Sympsium for Social Justice at the U. And then a trip to Tucson for adventure and research on my next book. Rush back to Chitown for a reading at the NAACS conference. Whew!

Next stop: Seattle. I'll be reading at Elliott Bay Books in May with my old pal, Ben Saenz. So if you're in the area, come by and see us. (May 11--for other dates, see the Calendar section.) After that, New York City, Colorado, San Diego, Tucson. Go, go go!

Hope I see you out there. I'll keep you posted.

As always, thank you for your interest and support. I remain...

ever yrs., L

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