Greetings, Dear Readers...back home after a long 10,000 mile summer.

Since I last posted a note to y'all, I've read in Chicago 4 times, NYC twice, Seattle 3 times, and El Paso once. I spent a week in Tijuana taping a possible NPR documentary, then I spent ten days in Arizona, investigating Hell for my next book. Took the family in The World's Biggest Van to all the national parks between Colorado and California, and we hiked around in the Rockies, and at Bryce, and at Zion. In my general plan to visit every school in America, I've been doing appearances for the PEN American Center, so I might be coming to your school one of these days!

Note to music fans: I had the pleasure this summer of writing the liner notes to Shawn Phillips's new album. It's called "No Category," and it's being released overseas as I write. So Shawn fans, and I know all my old high school buddies are fans, you should check it out. What a strange full circle it seems--Shawn was one of my undeground heroes way back then, and now I get to write notes for him. Hmm. It pays to keep showing up for work!

Chicago's hot, but it's not as hot as Tucson. I'm banging away at THE DEVIL'S HIGHWAY, my next non-fiction extravaganza. And after it's out of the way, I'll rewrite the massive Teresita historical novel one last time.

Hey, it's my birthday this month. Send presents. Actually, your support is the best present I could get. Thanks for checking in. I'll try to write you a good book.

XXX, Luis

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