Home again, home again. I've been going so much lately that I've probably seen many of you who check up on this ol' website. I've been out to Corvallis and Portland, Oregon. Been to Phoenix. Just got back from El Paso, TX and Mesilla, New Mexico. In between, I've done a thousand high school and jr. high visits--visits in Portland, in Santa Teresa (NM), in Chi, Naperville. I was even the speaker for World Tuberculosis Day! Ahead, a few more schools, a book club in Sycamore IL, some library visits in Addison, and a return to Portland to teach workshops at the Northwest Writing Institute. We'll be driving around America in The World's Biggest Van, so beware lest the Urrea clan show up at your casa for coffee. Or maybe you can meet us in Disneyland or by Old Faithful. On the way out of Portland, we'll no doubt stop by my pal White Eagle's house, and cruise up to Yosemite to visit my old high school roommate Mark Davis and his family. San Diego? Probably? Tijuana? You bet! If I make a million bucks, we'll vanish into the Rockies and never come out. Mixed in with all that, I'm finally finishing the manuscript of THE DEVIL'S HIGHWAY. Watch for it in February of '04, from Little,Brown.

All summer, the epic monster Lonesome Dove sized rewrite of my Teresita novel, THE HUMMINGBIRD'S DAUGHTER. That one is also Little,Brown, and will come out in hardcover after D HWY. Also have a new book of poems I'll be launching. What can I say--I'm a factory of words.

This will probably be the last entry in this configuration of the website. We've been promising a new format soon, and it's coming. Keep an eye on this space, and you'll see some cool new stuff. Till then, the drawings and writings will be available, and the Guest Book is awaiting your messages. Whoever wrote "I feel horny": hope you're feeling better.

NEWS: the band, Calexico, has a song based on my border books on their new album. The song, natch, is called "Across the Wire." What a cool song, and what a humbling honor from our boys in the band. Suddenly, my 13 year old boy thinks I'm kinda hip. God bless 'em--buy a copy! Also, listen for "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses" on NPR's "Selected Shorts" program. They'll record the story in NYC on June 18. Meet you there.

Remember, if you leave me a message on the site, and you want to keep in touch, leave me an address. I think folks trust the guest book to list their e-mails, but it doesn't. I want to answer many of you, and I can't. And, finally, once we get the new site ironed out, we'll send the rumored Urrea e-newsletter to you on the new list serve we've been building. It'll be a way to share news, reviews, pictures, sketches with you. So send me your e-address to add if you'd like to "subscribe."

It felt great to be in Mesilla with Denise Chavez. The Border Book Festival was a great hit this year. BIG LOVE all over the plaza, and with the exception of a tiresome diva, it was perfect. No time for badness, no time for hurting people's feelings with toxic ego. We were all full of life and joy, and that's what being in the writing community is all about. Everybody there was writing at the top of their games, and I was blessed to hang with my homies. Denise, Demetria Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Ben Saenz, Stella Pope Duarte, Rich Yanez, Oscar Casares, visiting poet Lisa Chavez and others--let's do it again.

Hey, it's snowing, and I've got to go teach. Watch this space. I'll see you all soon.

With love and respect, LAU

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