Say good-bye to the website!

Team Urrea, in Chicago and Seattle, has been bashing away at the new luisurrea.com. I've seen it, and it looks good. You'll see flashy flying doohickies and colorful widgets, and the fine cover for The Devil's Highway in full color. So those of you who check this site (we get a couple of thousand hits a month, still, even though we've been static) keep looking. One day this stuff you know so well will be gone--no more window drawing, no more frames. Also, several of the features have been cut. Including the Guest Book. From now on, if you have a message for me, you can send it directly to me. But if you are a snoop, and like to look at other people's yearbooks, now's the time to go over there and read the various messages. Some a weird, some are dull, some are interesting. We've left them all there. Perhaps we'll mount a forum of some sort in the future. So--hope you like the new format. Give us some feedback when it goes up. And thank you for your support. I'll see some of you in St Paul on October 24, and some more of you in the San Diego area the first week of December. Keep an ear on NPR, too--you never know when our shows will pop up.

We will also be launching the promised e-newsletter. The new site will have a place where you can suscribe (free) and be added automatically to the list-serve. That way, I can get you news, or new poems, or drawings, or stories, or announcements. Ya never know what'll happen.

See you in the next incarnation of the site!
Yrs, L

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