February Dispatch
So, how do you like it?
You'll find all kinds of new stuff on this website and keep watching because it will change as we go along. We'll be adding features, changing the calendar, putting up pictures, etc.

Under contacts, drop a line to our amazing web-goddess Michelle McDonald and tell her how much you love the hard work she's put in. She also may be available to do your site, if you're lucky!

Please note on the home page the CDI Producciones box. You can click on that and watch the progress of The Devil's Highway movie.
You might also note that the old guest book feature is gone. Now you can be in contact with me directly, if you'd like. We may add a discussion board a little later, particularly once The Devil's Highway is released.

I'll be using this blog to send you more messages than before. For example, I'll be using it as a tour diary when I go on the road this spring. So those of you who can't actually jump in the RV and drive around America with us can read about our absurd adventures.

Let us know what you think and keep an eye on the calendar. It would be great to see you on the road.

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