Rudy Joffroy. my movie partner, keeps reminding me to update this blog ... I've been so caught up in the beginnings of book tour and book promotion that I haven't checked in here for a while. You will note the addition of the mighty Sidewinders "Bad Crazy Sun" to the soundtrack of this website. The reason it's there is because, in a very real sense, this song informed The Devil's Highway. Part of the lyric is the epigraph for the book. Besides, Rich Hopkins is not only a great rock star, but a great guy. And it feels good to have him here. Also, on the main page, if you click on the refresh button, you should get an entertaining and random slide show of Urrea family pictures.

I have already been out on the road a little bit. I did a strange reading in Boulder at CU. The less said about that, the better. I recently had a wonderful reading to a packed house in Tucson. So many things happened on that Tucson trip that I'm writing up a special dispatch about it. It will be up in the "extras" section of this website once it's done. Anyone interested in The Devil's Highway material should go and read it. In a nutshell, Rudy, some reporters and a Border Patrol guy went with me into the heart of the Sonoran desert to watch people smugglers and narco outlaws at close range. It was truly mind-boggling.

I am busy finishing the final draft of The Hummingbird's Daughter. You Teresita fans will soon find more Saint of Cabora materials in her portion of the website. In the meantime, Team Urrea continues to change and add to and revise our website as we go. Starting next week, the mad travels begin. Hope to see you on the road. First stop: Mesilla, New Mexico for Denise Chavez's Border Book Festival.

Cindy will be with me for most of the tour and we will blog you from the road as we blearily collapse in midnight hotels all over America. Until I get rich enough to rent Neil Young's tour bus and take you on the tour with me or to pay for enough postcards to send everybody, it'll almost be like we went on book tour together!


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