Happy Easter, ya'll!
Started out this Easter morning doing warm radio interview with the gold folks in Louisville, KY. Yesterday, Cinderella and I had lunch with Tom Russell and his mind-shredding guitarist Andrew Hardin. We were at the house of our mutual friend, the mighty Jay Marvin (WLS-AM, Chicago). Tom and I are both in the middle of tours, so we were a little wall-eyed. Later that night, we all went to his show in Chicago. The mad punk Mass G. drove up from Indiana. I got a sense of what the life of a star like Tom must be like when he mentioned me and the book from stage ... later, a man in the lobby was pushing through the crowd calling my name. He had heard me on some radio show and couldn't believe that Tom knew me and I was there, etc. etc. I guess that's how the machine works ...

I wanted to share with you a very cool story that touched me. This week, I did my hometown reading in Naperville IL at the local Andersons. Those of you who are fans of The Devil's Highway might remember the border patrol agent identified as Warrior. He showed up to the reading. I suspected it was him because he was big. Really big. If it wasn't a BP agent, it had to be a cop. After the reading, Warrior came up to me and embraced me. And then, he took off his 75th anniversary Border Patrol service medallion and gave it to me. I almost started crying right on the spot.

There's a new tour note I'm very excited about. For those of you in the Santa Fe area, I've just signed up with Lannan Foundation to do their reading series Oct. 13. This is a wonderful reading series and, of course, we are in love with Santa Fe. BUT, more exciting to me is that part of the reading involves a conversation on stage with a writer who knows me and my work. And I am happy to say that Darrell Bourque from Louisiana will be with me. You may not know his work yet, but Darrell is a wonderful poet and I consider him the dean of Louisiana/Cajun literature. If you can make it, you're in for a treat when you meet Darrell. And I hope you'll be able to buy his books. See you in Santa Fe.

One last note, Cindy has put up a new bulletin board/forum. Check it out, you can argue or share or discuss or rant about anything and everything. It's a place for readers and writers to come together. We didn't want it to get flooded with spam, so we put up a registration filter. It's a pain, but easy. You can even ask me something specifically and directly about me or my books or anything. I think we could have a lot of fun with it. Stop by and leave a note!

See you soon,

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