Wow, what a week!
I want to thank whoever has been buying the book. The Devil's Highway came out Friday and it's already going into a third printing. Those sly dealers who sell first editions are already jacking the price up $5 and $10 a copy. It seems that I am entering uncharted territory, so we'll have to explore it together. When I got back from Arizona, I did my first of three Chicago-area readings. Punk rock fans will be happy to know that crazy Mass Giorgini and Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel/Squirtgun were in the house. Then I went to Las Cruces NM to attend the Border Book Festival.

I was deeply thrilled to read with Li-Young Lee and to see a bunch of good old friends like Denise Chavez, Ofelia Zepeda, Bobby Byrd, Ben Saenz, Cherie Moraga, et al. I was also touched to receive the Premio Fronterizo award for my writing. Perhaps the coolest thing of the whole trip was my writing workshop at the men's prison. I came away deeply moved by the inmates and I feel honored to have worked with them for a couple of hours.

Somewhere along the way, I have started doing media for the book. Unexpectedly, I had a really great time with Ken "The Black Avenger" Hamblin. I think my message that regardless of politics, race, ethnicity or religion, we can meet each other as human beings and care for each other might just be getting through with this book. I hope so.

Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., I'm on a plane for NYC. I'll be doing more radio shows and a reading and I'll be back in Chicago by Wednesday afternoon. I'm a little tired, but when you sign up for the big game, you gotta play the big game. See you out there soon.

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