Back in Seattle!
It's morning in Nancy Johnson's house, near UW. Our only companion this morning is her giant dog, Truman. I don't even know what has happened since the last blog. We flew to San Francisco and all I remember is dashing-dashing-dashing. We did end up after all the readings and signings and interviews at Kathy Kamen-Goldmark's house watching The Sopranos with her and Sam Barry (Dave Barry's handsomer brother). People at every stop were amazingly kind and enthusiastic. A definite high point of the tour was going on the West Coast Live radio show. I won't mention any names but let's just say it was much, much better hanging out with the musicians than with the other "famous writer." Speaking of fame, the deskman at our hotel recognized me from the newspaper. That was wierd and wonderful in its own right.

We jetted up to Portland and had another great reading at Powell's. A big group of people had gone to the other Powell's store where someone else was reading and when they announced that I was at the other store, they all got up and left his reading and came to mine. I guess if we were playing football, I would have scored the extra points on that one ... Whomever he is, I feel like sending him an apology for stealing his audience. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the tour: Ursula LeGuin ended up at the wrong store.

We jumped in the rental car, well, we're actually not doing too much jumping at this point out of sheer exhaustion. So I'll say we crawled into the rental car and drove from Portland to Seattle. Got here at 1 a.m., Nancy and Truman waiting on the porch with the light on to tuck us in. Receptions, handshakes, radio interviews, it's the usual blur. My old pal, Sherman Alexie, handled the introductions at the University of Washington last night. Sherman was in rare form ... he's got to be one of the funniest people in America. I can't even explain to you why at this point, but he ended my introduction by telling the audience whenever he is in the bathtub naked and eating chocolate cake, he thinks of me!

Have to go and do a radio show in LA via telephone. After that, a newspaper interview and after that a reception. Then we can go get Chayo, our little one, from Aunt Sue. I haven't seen my kids or my cat in what seems like months. One more Seattle reading at Elliott Bay Thursday night and then, gasp, a 6:45 a.m. flight back to Chicago. After that, one last stop on the tour: Denver May 11. See you there!


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