Memorial Day
It's still 1955 in Naperville, Illinois. We wandered down to the town parade to see Eric march in the high school band. We sat under the shady trees by the river, many ducks and geese already too stuffed on muffins and popcorn to beg. I thought: I have spent much of my American life waiting for things to happen--waiting for the parade, waiting for the fireworks, waiting for the concert, waiting for the ice cream truck.... I usually enjoy very pleasant thoughts while waiting for things.

WWII bombers and fighter planes circled over the crowd. Moms and kids and dogs and dads maneuvered their bellies through the throngs. I remembered the long days waiting for the 4th of July fireworks with my kid pals in San Diego, hanging at the South Clairemont rec and imagining I had somehow gotten into the Monkees and was playing onstage in my bitchin' red corduroy double-breasted Moneek shirt! Singing "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" to all the girls who didn't want to be my girlfriends. Which were all of them. Or once, in Boston, waiting for a KKK rally to end in Government Center. It had exploded into a mini-riot, with Klansmen and commies and mad cops charging around. A Black man and I got in between the CBS and NBC trucks as mounted police, first on horses, then on Harleys, zoomed through the bodies on the plaza. "I'm not stepping out of here," he said. "OH HELL NO!" I confided. A wonderful day.

Hope yours was good.

Speaking of wonderful--we have sent out well over a hundred Teresita cards this week. Nothing could make me happier. I hope she brings you joy when she arrives in your home. I have deeply appreciated all the emails from people with good things to say about the book. Remember--as long as you ask for them, I'll send them. It's fun. So if you want one, let me know.

Getting ready for book tour. Putting many songs on my iPod. I like trivia, and I bet you do too. So I'll give y'all a list of what's on the Urreapod a little later. Right now, I have to step back into 1955 and attend the Naperville Community Bandhsell concert!

Hasta luego, amigos,

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