To All Teresita Fans:
The Hummingbird's Daughter is now available at!!!
For all of you who pre-ordered it, watch your mailboxes. It will be coming soon!

We were just at the Los Angeles Times Festival of the Book at UCLA. It was fun spying on celebrities like Eric Idle and T.C. Boyle. I was surprised that my panel drew a substantial audience, if only because we were competing in our time slot with some big names (Maria Shriver, etc.) Perhaps the best thing about the weekend for me was that Michael Pietsch, the big kahuna at Little, Brown, not only attended but managed to have a couple of boxes of The Hummingbird's Daughter available. I hadn't even seen it. When we heard it was there, Cindy and I hightailed it over to the Cultura Latina booktent. There, my loyal homies had set a pile of the book at the front of their display so that the C-Span camera set up across the plaza would show it every time they'd pan the festival. As we were admiring the book, a vato in big shorts said, "Hey ese, is that you?" I said it was and he bought the book out of my hands. He had me sign it to "La ChaCha." I considered this a good sign.

Not such a good sign was one of my "famous writer" cohorts who turned his back on me when I tried to shake his hand when we were introduced. Ah, I thought, it's a diva war. Sadly for him, after our panel, my signing line was quite long and not a single person spoke to him. He stormed off in disgust while I happily chatted with all the folks who had picked up all the available copies of the book. All in all, a good day.

We did all kinds of really great cheesy Hollywood things. Like driving to Ozzy Osbourne's house to see if it looks like it does on MTV. It does. I also had the thrill of spying on Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackie!!) having a serious chat with a woman. We ate at Barney's Beanery and we bought CDs at Tower Records and Cindy accidently became friends with Jacqueline Mitchard at the gym in the hotel while I was sleeping.

We're gearing up for book tour. Check the schedule since it will keep on developing until we head out in June. Hope to see you. Drop me a line and tell me if you liked the book.

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