On the road again ...
This morning before 6 o'clock, I was sitting on a Colorado back porch drinking coffee with an Irish wolfhound, staring at the snow on Pikes Peak. Tonight, Cinderella and I are on the 11th floor of the Hyatt La Jolla. It's hard to wrap your head around a day like that, but that's book tour!

When we got to the airport this morning, we found out that my tickets had vanished in cyberspace. Cindy had hers, but I didn't have any and it's my book tour! That kind of thing tends to happen when you're on the road.

Frankly, after 10 years on the road, I feel like a tired bar band. However, I look forward to meeting you and talking to you and hearing what you have to say about the book. The "postcard ministry" has been amazing for us. So many of you have written and said so many nice things that it's a joy to open my email every day. We are certainly doing our part to support the US Postal Service, so don't be shy. As long as you want pictures of Teresita, we will mail them to you.

It's Saturday night. Tomorrow I'll be doing the San Diego Open Air Book Festival (I think that's what it's called) and Monday, I will be reading at the Book Works in Del Mar. Come see me. Bring a friend. See ya on the road.


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