Who am I, where am I, what day is it?
Saturday, Aug. 20 (yesterday) was my birthday. The kids gave me a coffee cup that said: HOW THE &$#! DID I TURN 50? I have always sworn, Tijuana po' boy that I am, that I would have a home of my own before I turned fifty. Well, we got the furniture into our new house on Thursday. I made it just under the wire. We're here in our big house unpacking boxes and wandering in our yard. I didn't think we'd be settling in Illinois--I thought I was heading for Colorado. But life has its many amazing turnarounds, and this is one of them.

I have been deeply touched by all the many people who have written to me about Teresita and THE HUMMINGBIRD'S DAUGHTER. It is a good birthday gift, by the way, to have it pop up this week on the Denver vest seller list for the third time. I have gotten fan mail before, and presents, and even weird mailings, but I have never had people thank me for writing a book. Cinderella and I have sent out a few hundred Teresita post cards to date, and I have been trying to answer everybody who writes. But it is deeply touching to hear from you all, and I thank you.

THE DEVIL'S HIGHWAY is set to appear in paperback in September. As far as I know, I'm going on tour again. I'm starting to feel like Molly Hatchet, on tour all year 'round! I just finished the HUMMINGBIRD tour. It was wonderful, and lively. I was amazed at the number of people who came out to visit. I guess I'll get to see many of you again. Also, if you check the schedule on the opening page of the site, you can see where I'm going when not on tour. Here's the thing--when I'm not on tour, I seem to be traveling. I know I'm going to Santa Fe next week, and to Salt Lake City and Austin and Boston and D.C. after that. Those of you who knew me in San Diego know that I thought I would never go anywhere.

Other news: DEVIL'S H, the movie, is set to start filming in October. Or so I see in Variety. It stars my boy, the handsomest man in Hollywood, Nicholas Gonzalez. Movie folks are also still poking around HUMMINGBIRD--I hope to have some news for you soon. But I must keep that under wraps for now. One great bit of news about HUMMINGBIRD is that my cousin, the venerable Mexican ambassador and former consul, Enrique Hubbard Urrea, is doing the Mexican-Spanish translation of the book. I urged him to do it sinde the book is written (in my mind, anyway) in his Sinaloan argot. So he'll whack at it, then send it to me, and I'll noodle with it. There are also editions coming from France, Germany, Israel, and Turkey. I believe Spain is also looking into an edition...which will be in vastly different Spanish than the manic Sinaloan Spanish.

Okay, so I'm a suburban dad now. Some asshole is out back cutting down my forsythia bushes with a lil' electric suburban chainsaw. What the hell! Don't he know you don't do shit like that to a Logan Heights homey? Orale, vato--que onda con mis pinches forsythias? Oh well, I'm fifty now. I'm too old to worry about the neighbors. I have a giant screen Sony tv, damn it. I just watch Steve McQueen movies all day. I don't even write. Just do the car chase from BULLITT over and over, making believe my easy chair is a bad Mustang.

Keep writing.
Love, Luis

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