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I don't feel free to tell you Hummingbird readers everything yet, but watch this space. As soon as I sign the contracts, I will give you some very good movie news about Teresita.

A reader rcently told me she had Hummingbirditis. This infection causes her to lose sleep from re-reading the book. I was so happy about that. I loved those books that were so good you had to just read them again, right away. Did you have those in your lives? I had a bad case of The Stand-itis. Lonesome Dove-itis. The Monkeywrench Gang-itis. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek-itis. Blood Meridian-itis. On the Road-itis. Trout Fishing in America-itis. The Earthsea Trilogy-itis. Aztec-itis.

When I was a pup, I read Andre Norton books over and over. Her boy heroes were me, I thought. I was the brave young man with the talking wolverines who waged a guerilla war against the space ant-men! Seems silly now, but I wish I could get back to an innocent age of reading when a book honestly changed the world.

It's hard now for a book to make me laugh out loud, or cry. Certainly hard for a book to make me dream. Or to change the way I write or talk. I miss that.

Perhaps this is the job of writers--to make the books that do that for ourselves. And maybe we get lucky and take some of you there with us.

Snow. Cold. The bold little juncos are in my back yard, having a party with the sunflower seeds I put out.


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