My Friend Jack
I have been urging you to check out my pal Lowry Pei's website--you writers will find good stuff there. Well, allow me to direct you to another friend's work. It's astounding and rich.

Everyone who has written me about Across the Wire, By the Lake of Sleeping Children, or The Devil's Highway, and all of you many correspondents who write to me about doing work on the border to help the poor, ought to look into this.

Years ago, I became friends with the photographer, John Leuders-Booth. He was teaching photography workshops at Harvard, and though my office was only a hundred yards or so from his studio, I never met him there. We met later, on some wild safaris into the Tijuana garbage dumps. John becamse close to the families living and working there, and he joined Pastor Von and his crew on journeys to the orphanages and prisons. All the time he was there, he was snapping pictures.

You might recognize his name from Across the Wire and By the Lake. Jack took the pictures that grace those books.

Well, now he has his collection together and published. It's called Inherit the Land. It's an astonishing coffee table book of b&w photos of that mysterious and apocalyptic region. You've never seen anything like it. And I was lucky enough to write the introduction.

Jack's book was voted as one of the year's best by American Photo magazine in their best of 2005 issue. If you're at all interested in the hidden life of the Mexican border, in my work, or in amazing documentary photography, you ought to get this book. It's well worth the price.

I have to go speak to teachers today. I'm wearing a black shirt and black tie--I must be channeling Johnny Cash.


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