Rabbitt's Still Rockin' and Some Hummingbird news
Boy--that AM radio memry's a strong thing. My meditation on Saint Jimmy Rabbitt at KCBQ really touched a nerve. Been getting lots of notes from people, here and on my various email accounts. My other radio hero, Jay Marvin (formerly of WLS Chicago, those lowlife scum sucking dogs) and now happily plying his trade in Colorado, posted the Rabbitt piece on a radio news website, so jocks and engineers have been reading it. Then our Man, the Voice Hisself, the Rocking Rabbitt, the Mystery Man and Master of the Moody Blues and the Moby Grape, Jimmy Rabbitt dropped me a note. How cool is that? Now the piece (below) is up on his website. It's 1968 at my house, y'all. I listened to the Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today" in honor of it all--the long version, the version with the scary ghosts and the end of the world in it. Just like those Slurpee afternoons on Clairemont Drive walking home with Mark Gipe and Charlie Cassens. "My soul has been psychedelicized!" A bit o' news, too: Hummingbird's Daughter has been chosen for the American Library Association's Notable Books list. Very exciting to be on a list with Cormac McCarthy, Ian McEwen and Marilynne Robinson. So visit Kankakee, buy a book there, and support your local radio!

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