Get Me To the World On Time
Friday morning. Up early to do a magazine interview. Trying to sound aware when I'm still asleep.

By the way--belay that post below about Sue Myal's Teresita ornaments. They all went in one day! Sorry if you missed them, but maybe if enough people ask her at her website, she might make some more. Otherwise, those of you who got them either by mail order or in the raffles we did at bookstores on the last tour--you have a real collector's item. I know Tony and Pam at Bella Luna Books scored about 25 of them. So if you get the urge, call them at 800-497-4717.

My new friends, the wild turkeys, are still cruising the neighborhood. They are oddly formal in their bearing. Slow and pensive--quite philosophical. And huge. I see them out of the corner of my eye and think: three dobermans! But no, it's my pals.

Hunters I know are salivating, wanting to slaughter them. But they are the saints of the subdivision, and no harm may befall them.

Day before yesterday, they were standing on the corner of Chicago Street, the main drag near my house, looking at the traffic. They looked like the only thing they needed was cups of coffee and some cigars. They'd watch a car go by, then turn to each other and say, "By Gum, wasn't that the new Mustang?"

Leaving for Detroit in a few minutes. My element: driving the monster van full of family with the music blasting. Eric's winter drumline is going to slaughter more rivals in competition.

The official Book Tour Season is about to begin--Anderson's Books in Naperville. April 5. If you're in the area, come see me. The full tour schedule will be going up in increments on the calendar section of the opening page. I hope to see you in Vermont, Massachusetts, DC, Virginia, NY, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon in the coming months.

Talk to you when we get back from Motown.

Gobble, gobble,
DJ Turkeyshizzle Luizzle

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