I Rule
You might have heard this, but: The Hummingbird's Daughter has won the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Award. Es mucho dinero, it's true, but more important, it means that the panel found my book to be the best book of fiction in the entire Pacific Rim. As they like to say, "from Guam to Mexico." This is, at once, humbling and insanely head-swelling. I am forcing the kids to march around the house chanting: "Dad Rocks! Dad Rocks! Dad Rocks!"

In a further pleasant development, Little,Brown has just ordered a further 5,000 copies of the book to be printed. So, like, dude--that means we're in a second printing before the book is officially released (April 3). Yowza.

Finally, the movie contracts are being engineered in Hollywood, and I'll give you Teresita fans the full lowdown in a couple of days. I swear.

By the way, my beloved wild turkeys are still in da hood, lurking around and peering in sliding glass doors to see what the neighbors are watching. On some days, I think the turkeys are cooler than the writing career stuff. I can't tell which is more proof to my heathen heart that God is stirring.

Dad Rocks--

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