Teresita Alert
I'm leaving for Missouri, so I don't have a lot of time to chat. But you Teresita fans might want to know that there is a new post-card coming. In honor of the paperback, Cinderella has designed a new post-card (yeah, baby, we're still sending them out--six this week). Cuz Dave Duty, of the Gabriela Cantua kids, opened his archives and lent us a great picture of Teresita and that love-god Tomas, together. Tomas is looking a liitle tired...and a little cranky. So, if you ask for one, we'll send it to you. Make sure to tell us which you want--series 1 (the autographed Teresita picture, or series 2 (dad and daughter). As soon as series 1 runs out, then the new one will be our standard card. Hope you enjoy them! (Almost train-time. The tour is kicking off in earnest now--see you in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Duke U, Richmond, Austin....check the schedule for all dates.) Can't wait to see you. Luis

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