Yo, yo, my peeps!

I am so tired! I can't stop this touring! Every time I stop, something else happens. I guess that's good, though, eh???

I got home from Washington DC yesterday. Going to do Printer's Row book fair in Chi tomorrow, then fly to Tucson Sunday. But here's the big news that many of you have been asking me about--including about ten in DC. I'm flying to L.A. Monday to begin recording the AUDIOBOOK of Hummingbird's Daughter. Yes, finally.

I'll be in L.A., in the studio, for a week, then we'll pick up the recording session here in Chi the following week. I have a reading in Winnetka that week as well. Then, the next week (whew), I'll go to SF for the first Book Club Expo. Then I'll get home as soon as possible so we can all pile into the Urrea megavan and drive to Aspen for the Aspen book festival. But the recording, at last, and in spite of all the distractions, is happening.

The actual product will be fifteen hours long. Hope you get caught in lots of traffic. And it will first come to life as a download or podcast. I'm not sure why, but that's the way it is. I'll read the whole thing, though. And you will be able to purchase it JULY 14. I'll put the link up here when it's time so you can order it. I read like a crazy bastard, so you ought to get it! OK?

So I am remiss in finishing the "Wastelander's Tourbook"--it's so danged long! And, sadly, events around here are keeping me from actually writing much on Hummingbird 2. I had to write in the hair salon while Megan got her $45 haircut for the 8th grade boat trip. How pathetic is that? Dad could only find peace in a hair salon to scribble a few scraggly paragraphs in his notebook. Huh. If this success stuff keeps up, I will convert from actual Writer to Full Time Promoter. Gotta write. Don't know how or when anymore. Perhaps the week in L.A. will be monk-like, and I can put in a week's night-time effort.

Unless Johnny Depp calls! Then fugeddabouditt!

See ya around--Luigi

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