Roller Coaster Of Love
I've been in the recording studios here and in LA for two weeks. Sitting on a stool reciting Hummingbird. MY BUTT HURTS! But the recording is really good.

I will post the link here when I have it so you can download the book from Little, Brown. I'd give it out free if I could, but they wouldn't. Spend more money!

I'm not much of a shill, but this time it's worth it. The audio will be on-line around July 14.

Also, the Spanish version of Hummingbird is being rushed--it will be released in September.

My pal Luis Mandoki has gotten back from the Cannes film festival, and all systems are firing nicely for the Hummingbird movie.

As far as writing goes--forget it. I have been touring and touring and recording and touring. I haven't even been able to finish my tour book for you. My "Wastelander's Tourbook." But I will.

I record today and tomorrow, then get on my 1,000th plane tomorrow night to fly to SF. From SF, I will be home for a day of sleep and blogging, then we pile into the Urrea Megavan and drive to Colorado for the Aspen book festival. From there to Fishtrap. Go, go, go.

See you out there? I hope so.
Love, L

P.S. I got to write up my new favorite town, Kankakee, in last week's Sunday New York Times. Finally. Thank all you kind Kankakee folks for sending me so many love notes.
P.P.S. My little appearance on C-SPAN unleashed the border Nazis, angered by my views in immigration.
Today, all you ass-munchers like Fuehrer Graham W who send me insane hate mail ("you are not worthy to lick the Minutemen's boots!") can feel proud that patriot assholes (no doubt good Christians) have been draining the Humane Borders water stations in Arizona. Thus assuring lost walkers a slow and agonizing death in the desert heat of Arizona. What a proud moment for America.

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