I got a sweet happy birthday message from my amigas and amigos at Aspen High. Hey, y'all--como estan? Now, for the Hummingbird audiobook! Yes, it's almost here. It's 19 hours of yrs truly babbling. Longer than "Tommy." Longer than "Quadrophenia." So, here's the deal--you can get it at, if you want it. It will also be on iTunes. Rumor has it, this is happening "any day." So check it out. And remember Shawn Phillips is with me on it, so you "Second Contribution" and "Bright White" fans can get some sweet new Phillips instrumentals. That's all I know. Will tell you more when I get it. (Should we put some of it on this website so you can hear it?) Viva Aspen High--le mando abrazos y besos de vuelta, baby! ----Luis

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