The man from God knows where
My amigo Tom Russell has a great new cd out called Love & Fear. Those of you keeping score might know that I did some blurbage for Tom on his last album and his recent book of poems and letters w/ Charles Bukowski. Tom is one of those long handsome bad-eyed men in a cowboy hat, toting a guitar through some harsh desert winds. Well, along with the new album, he has a single--or really, an ep--that any of my Devil's Highway readers will love. It's called "Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?" It's aimed right at the center of the warped immigration debate. And Tom has added his Border Patrol classic, "California Snow." All you Migra agents who feel unloved and misunderstood need to get it now! The cd has three other good songs on it, too. It's on Hightone Records. Or Tom has a merch catalogue at 800-327-5264. Or, finally, check out the Russell He's a bad man & he writes the best lonesome songs in America.

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