Bullitt II
I was in San Francisco. I was there to see the mayor, Gavin Newsom. We was driving his big black Dodge Charger. I wasn't scared of the likes of him. I was in my forest green '67 Mustang GT fastback. I chased him up the hills. He was fast--damn fast. But I was faster. Newsom went airborne coming down Lombard. So did I. We leaped and crashed, leaped and crashed, going 90 mph, sliding through the turns, burning rubber around cable cars. Or maybe not. I'm confusing my trip with Bullitt. Sorry.

I was in SF for their opening of the one city read, or One City One Book, or All City Reads One Book, program. That book happens to be Hummingbird's Daughter. How astonishing. Posters and building banners and signs inside all the city buses. Wouldn't Teresita have been happy. We met for breakfast in City Hall--where my mom and dad hab been married in 1954. I was walking with World's Greatest Publicist, my honey Bonnie Hannah, and her heels echoing in the hallways made me wonder if my mom's heels sounded exactly like that so long ago. Mayor Newsom arrived among the gathered potentates and dignitaries, and I managed to have one mango slice before we started talking. This is good: The Book Tour Diet. I had some fun, opening my remarks by saying, "I'm honored to be here with President Newsom." This got laughs from the crowd. I said, "I'm just trying to weasel my way into the West Wing when you get there." We adjourned to the June Jordan high school for a visit and some Q&A with the wonderful students. People who despair about the United States and what has become of us should go to June Jordan and see real hope alive and kicking.

And those kids love their mayor. I was happy that Tom, our Little Brown west coast rep was there, and arranged for the seniors I talked to to receive their own copies of the book. They were asking me how much it cost--I didn't want them spending their hard-earned money on my book. So Tom heroically stepped up for them.

I caught an early flight home. I was in Mick Jagger mode--in at 10:00 on Tuesday, out at 4:00 on Wednesday. Had to get home to the kids. We were all up at 6:00 doing the Mr Mom thing. CJ, the Puggle, looked at me with great big love-eyes and laid a stanky muffin right on the carpet again! At least this time I didn't step in it. But Cinderella comes home today. Whew.

All death details and funerals are over for now. I can get back to teaching my classes and boarding planes every other week.

Yrs., L

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