Good News/Bad News
All right, so the Spanish edition of Hummingbird is available now. La hija de la chuparrosa. It's gorgeous, and brilliantly translated by my cuz, Enrique Hubbard Urrea. He's the Mexican consul general in Dallas. Everything about it is delicious...except there's a grammatical error ON THE FRONT COVER! This could be seen as a really funny li'l joke, I guess. I sweated and labored over the inner materials, and wrestled with the long complex critical blurbs inside with Manuel Munoz. But I didn't see the little tiny blurb for the front cover of the book that says "Una novela belleza..." which doesn't make any sense at all. A beauty novel? Ouch! I don't know what Little Brown is going to do. But Hubbard's not happy, and I know Mexico will laugh us off the shelves. How weird is that--one small word can put a dent in a 600 page book. Wow. Stay tuned on that one. And while I'm delivering bad news, I still can't figure out why the audio is still not available. We rushed and did everything in a mighty surge of insane recording, engineering and producing, and delivered it by the nearly impossible delivery date. It had to be rush-rush. sat. I must just be cranky because I haven't had my coffee yet. Don't worry--soon I'll be back to hummingbirds and haikus. The lesson for today is: there are always circumstances outside of our control. Lemonade, anyone?

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