Here Comes the Flood
Semi-quiet in the madhouse this Friday night. Ma and the big kids are off to the high school football game. This is baffling to me. I was in that bohemian crowd in high school that never went to a single football game...ever. Did you know those guys? The ones who knew the weirdest records that nobody else knew? That drove around in foul and suspicious vans or Jeeps? We did both. My boy Bimbo La Cruz had a van whose shifter was some kind of human legbone. And it was paramount that we avoid dances and social events. Read Ferlinghetti and Brautigan books. Sneak around with the football jocks' girlfriends. But here I am, suburban midwest social dad. Huh. Weirder and weirder. So Chayo and I are watching Fairly Oddparents. I'm telling you, you can't imagine how exotic and deluxe a writer's life is.

The Spanish editions of Hummingbird arrived today. I've been reading them all afternoon. Enrique Hubbard Urrea, my ambassador/consul general cousin, writes like a genius. No, wait. I wrote it, but he translated it. But his translation stands there in its own language like its own book. I'm confused. All I know is we make a great team.

I got back from the SF trip and went right to work. I don't know how long I can juggle teaching and...what do you call it? Faming? As I have said elsewhere, forget writing! Writing? Ha! Hahahaha! I go too hard and come home with a cold and teach. But aside from actually writing, this has been a productive lull between massive bouts of travel (again).

Let's see--I have been meeting with book clubs. Amazing events. If I can get to your book club meeting, I will. I have been working on my big lit judging gig (can't tell you about it). I have been playing tv series script cross-country electronic ping-pong with my pal, NineDragon. We might just actually get a Tijuana/Border series going--who knows. I have been working more with Luis Mandoki on the Hummingbird movie ideas. Answering a billion emails. And getting ready to go, go, go.

It looks like I might be adding Guadalajara to the Fall epic tour. Watch the calendar, I guess. Hope I see you on one of these visits.

But, you know, as dull as it sounds, sometimes I'd like to just stay here with the kid and watch Spongebob.

Thank you, World--
besos y abrazos--

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