22,000 Birds
Greetings from the great Chicago snowstorm of '06. Snow and thunder--always a wild combination. Snow day: kids everywhere. And dog's covered in white. Hard to believe I was in Guadalajara a couple of days ago, being awakened every morning by 22,000 birds. I even had three giant green parrots in the garden of the hotel. I was there to help launch the Spanish edition of Hummingbird for the massive FIL (International Festival of the Book). People were very supportive--even excited. Though, you know, it's weird to see three copies of my book, and entire walls of The Historian. That darned Dracula. However, I had some unexpected thrills. I ran into a camarada I had met at the Texas Book Fair, who was working at the Planeta expo site. I had gone there to buy the new Paco Taibo II bio of Pancho Villa. My friend said, Paco's right here!" So I got to meet one of my favorite authors, who knew about my work. And Planeta gave me a free copy for him to sign. Altogether a great day.

What I'm Doing Now: Sorry, Hummingbird fans, but I am simpoly not ready to create Hummingbird II. Yet. Not completely, anyway. I have been working on islated scenes. But I am working hard on House of Broken Angels. I don't know how it will go over with my new readers, being harsh and sad and even violent. But I think it's strangely beautiful. We'll see how it comes out. I'm on it and will give you reports on both books as promised about 97 postings ago. What I'm Reading: Well, I'm working on S King Esquire's Lisey's Story. But I'm finding it hard going. Not because I don't like it, but because I am dreading all the details in it about being an author, and what happens when you die, and how your wife survives your absence. I bet most writers flee from this book. It hits close to home in several major ways. Yikes. Thanks a lot, Steve. What I'm Listening To: A much easier category to handle. I am frantic to get my mitts on the new Shriekback album, Cormorant. Evil genius music--I can't wait. Where I'm Going Next: I'll be in Yuma mid-December. I'm a little worried about how it will go--after all, I am revisiting the epicenter of The Devil's Highway, and I haven't been there since before the book came out. I know the sheriffs are going to show up, and I'm hoping some of the Border Patrol guys come. And I hope they're not angry. Man, I am so tired of getting yelled at by angry immigration enthusiasts on either side. I am preparing my Urrea Doctrine now, so I can answer, once and for all, the eternal question: What would you do about the situation, Mr. Smarty-Pants Hippie Commie Beaner Cop-Loving Race-Traitor Holy-Roller Bourgeois Godless Enemy of the State Writer-Person??? See You Out There, Beloved--L

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