Hoppy Gnu Ear
OK, it's over. This has been some year, hasn't it. I guess my year turned out better than Saddam Hussein's year. Well now, here's the deal around here: Cinderella and I are staying home. I'm 1/3 of the way through House of Broken Angels. I am thankful for what is happening out there with readers. I have recently gotten fan mail, f'r instance, from law enforcement agents, human rights workers, and the Aryan Brotherhood in the CA prison system. Now that's a complex reading public. The Hummingbird Club in New Delhi is meeting once a month and wearing their Teresita t-shirts. I'm so tired after this year (plus) of crazy crazy go-go nitro-fueled driving. But I'm home and warm and happy. Hope you are, too. Much loss, but many blessings. I hope to do some new vision-work on this ol' blog on '07. Time to watch dvd's with the fam. I'll see you on the other side of the Eve. Yrs.,L

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