Meditation 3/27
People ask me why I always go back to God in my writing. How could I not? You can't try to go into the mysterious regions like me and not feel God there. Even when others hoped to silence the feeling of the Divine in me, that Divine spark would not be silenced. They say faith is a gift. I think faith is also a choice.

I can't even begin to explain or display my true feelings about The Eternal, what my Lakota bros call The Grandfather. Why? Because all I can do is write. I can't play music. I think music would approach the ecstacy of God. The pain and laughter of the Maker.

Want proof? Go to Youtube and find Steve Vai playing "For the love of God" on guitar. Go on. I dare ya. It is pure ecstacy, pure power, and real devotion. Go on. It's a metallic prayer if I ever heard one. That's how I feel.

Mary Oliver said:

Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?

PS Wastelander tomorrow.

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