Your Writing Meditation for the Day
We don't need an institute! We don't need a rancho or a mountain retreat! (See below, the last couple of posts.) We can start the Hummingbird's Workshop here, now. The internet is our aspen glade, and we can come here to think and write. I used to provide my grad students at UIC with a daily meditation on writing, until the Teresita/Devil's Highway matrix went haywire and I didn't have the time or focus to do it anymore.

Here's a thought for you, and I'll post them on a regular--not daily, since I'm too often gone or just LAZY--basis. Writing Church is in Session.


Mikhail Prishvin, Russia's great literary secret, said:

"Sorrow, accumulating in one's heart, may one fine day burst into flames like a haystack, and everything will burn away in the fire of extraordinary joy."

May your writing strike the match.

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