Meditation 4/17
Thanks to everyone who has been sending me emails and posting on the comments page. Frankie, Janna, Grace, White Eagle, Red Charlie, Esteban, Cinder, all y'all (as we liked to say down in Louisiana). Glad you like the Kentucky entry--glad you enjoy the meditations. It seems the non-writers enjoy them more than the writers! I love it.

I'll be posting some thoughts on the strange state of my "career" on here sooner than later. And some not-quite Wastelanders, but a few Dispatches (mo' Boston--by request from Cinder, and some Lousiana Gatorland writings, too.) As long as you read 'em, I have volumes to share. All the stuff I want to put in my 257 unpublished books.

So, here's a thought:

My primary consideration is to change. I dare not use the word grow; there may or may not be growth involved...To still keep that openness, that chance taking-ness as part of the work. Not to be afraid to make a mistake, even if it's a long and costly mistake.

--James Dickey

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