Church is in session
Here's what I'm aiming at. I'd like to get here as a writer (though it will no doubt make me an addle-pated goober), as a dad (though the endless inane teenybopper gurl squabbles about how nobody understands the 15 year old's PAIN make it unlikely), as a person (almost there on the right days), as a husband--hey. I'm there.

"I got up at sunrise and was happy, I walked and was happy; I roamed the forest and hills, I wandered in the valleys, I read. I did nothing, I worked in the garden, I picked fruit, I helped in the house and happiness followed me everywhere--happiness which could not be referred to any definite object, but dwelt entirely within myself and which never left me a single instant."

--Jean-Jaques Rousseau

What did that old hymn say? I got joy-joy-joy-joy down in my heart.
Pax vobiscum, y'all.

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