Darkness, darkness
Cinderella flew home to Seattle early this morning. I told you her mom had heart trouble a few days ago. I usually don't like to list woes here, but--grandma had a heart attack. After several days in the hospital, bad lungs and bad arteries from smoking those frigging cigarettes, they sent her home with oxygen tanks and meds because she's in too bad a shape for surgery. But when they got her home, they found Cindy's sister having a major stroke. Chaos falls in this tornado season. So the siblings have gathered there to try to keep two women alive and the family afloat. Me, I'm doing super-dad for a while. Might not get to the blog as regularly as I like--I can find time, but I don't feel much inspiration at the moment. Remember that William Mattews meditation a couple of days ago? About tears? I've said it before--put your arms around your loved ones, even if you don't like them much. And keep your eye on the sky--those funnel clouds come fast.

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