Hasta La Vista, Baby
Happy Memorial Day. Well now, we're going on vacation soon. So I'll be gone till...let's see..how about mid-June? No bloggage, I'm afraid. Though the ship we're taking will have an internet cafe. Maybe I'll post something from there. Let you know how all the drunk 54 year old moms in bikinis are doing. How the retired Rotarians in Speedos are holding up. Cinderella says she's going to be snozzled the entire cruise. I'm going to read and write and get some fried bananas in Puerto Rico.

The Washington Post piece went well. I have gotten supportive emails about it. I was expecting the usual trouble, but no. They fear me! Anyway, I have been talking about Immigration Monday for a while, so we'll try to launch that feature in July. Every Monday, some kind of immigration/border material. Our little secret--tell your friends.

Oh, and the essay is being made available to the 600 papers in the syndicate, so it might show up in your town. If the Post doesn't mind, I'll post it in the first I-Monday as part of the inaugural volley of info.

I'll be keeping a Wastelander's Notebook (see the archives, below) of the boat trip. Probably a Wastelander's Sea-Log. If it's worth reading, I'll give it to you here, along with more writing meditations, and a whole lot of cool travel and writing workshop stuff. Keeping busy. Giving it away.

See you in a few weeks.

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