Monday, Monday
"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden." --Goethe

Next week, we launch "Immigration Monday." It's just a small acorn of an idea--let's see what happens. Maybe a scraggly tree will grow. I hope to post something about immigration/border issues here every week. Might be nothing--might be a book. I don't know. I have invited others to take part, so I hope to post essays, notes, letters, poems from other writers about the topic. For and against. I don't care what position people take, as long as they are informed. Lots of inflammation out there, but there's no information. Has anybody ever explained to you what "illegal immigration" means? By law? What law is being broken? What is the precise law: what does it say? Let's look into it. Are there any really informative new books about the subject? Let's see. Links to articles? Right here. Let's make a full-service immigration site. Just one day a week. The rest of the week, we can explore writing and soul and gardens and family together. But it might be amazing to see what we come up with. I don't mean the royal "we," either. I mean you and me. Send me somethin'.

Our motto: Redefine the Line.

Also, if I get any love letters or hate mail, I'll post them, too. It's my way of trying to talk it out, because it's bothering me. So c'mon, old enemies--invite me to lick your boots some more!

A reader named John contacted me with a grand idea--he had tracked the GPS co-ordinates in The Devil's Highway and found them all on google earth. Isn't that cool? I'm hoping to put that up on "I. Monday" too.

The web is viral--we can get everywhere with a click.

Send pictures.

Also, as July comes sneaking in, I begin a new book. Now, many blogfans followed my postings about House of Broken Angels. I'll figure out how to explain what happened with that book, and why you won't be seeing it...yet. I have a new novel ready to pop out, and then I have to get to Hummingbird II. Lots of writing ahead. Lots of travel. Lots of appearances. Lots of grumbling, moaning, bitching, whining, complaining. So I don't know how well I can keep up the "I. Monday" project, but even if we run with it for a summer, we'll get more revealed than the TV and magazines do. And who knows--if it's a success, maybe someone else will run with it.

Don't harden, dear friends--flex! And if you're Duran Duran, re-re-reflex!
Abrazos, L

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