You Learn Something New Every Day
Saturday--rain. Nice and cool.

So, this morning, Cindy was googling my name to see if anything new has been written about Hummingbird/Devil's H, etc. Guess what she found, somewhere around p. 5 or 7? There's a big giant collection of incest sites. Uh-huh. Apparently, a listing of father+daughter, as some reviews of Hummigbird have posted, links me to father-daughter-spanking-firstsex-rape websites! Boy, is that a different message than I set out to communicate to the world! Apparently, if you cycle through these charming areas (I didn't) to the end, you'll find some kind of mention of Hummingbird on an incest blog. Incest blog! Okay, I'm naive, but I didn't know there was an incest blog.

So, just so all my readers can get full benefits from my website, including the freaky pervs, be sure to check those out. I won't be opening them.

As Devo once said, in one of their crabbier moods (wait--all their moods were crabby): "It's a beautiful world--for you. For you. For you. It's not for me."

Even Jesus would put his boot to the asses of those monkey-spanking slugs.

Pray for fire.

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