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It's Monday, first Monday of July. That means IMMIGRATION MONDAY is coming later today. Hope you like it.

My urge is to give you a TIME magazine's worth of info every week, but Cinderella warns me--correctly--that I will burn out and give up at my usual insane pace. And run out of material. (Aside from the fact that I'm trying to write a new novel right now--and putting my book of poems together.) (And writing the intro to two books and blurbing four more.) So we will start small, start slowly. Today's entry, #1, will deal with my timeline of immigration and some readings. Let's set the ground rules for what I see as the history of coming and going in the USA. Next week, part two of the timeline, and a dispatch from our Border Patrol amigo, Warrior. The following weekm we'll begin a two-parter from the Mexican consul general. It ought oto be a real party up in here!

I think I will rely on some Zen widom to see me (us) through whatever we learn in IMMIGRATION MONDAY. Regard this saying as our philosophy, our challenge, and our friendly rebuke as we try to figure out this madness: The foolish reject what they see; the wise reject what they think.

I don't promise a doggone thing, except to offer as much information and divergent opinion as I can. Like I said, it's a humble little blog, and if it starts to turn into something bigger, we'll make it a site of its own. No expectations on my part. And no guarantees--if I get bored with immigration, I'll gladly make it a Haiku Monday!

It is hard for me to tell what kind of traction the website gets--I can track the numbers, and sometimes they're pretty impressive. Sometimes a lot of people read these notes. But the comments posted are usually slim, though sometimes I get emails too. Hard to tell. I got an awesome "What My Hands Rememeber" email from a reader based on the writing workshop blog of a few days ago. I like to hear from you. I like to hear what you think or feel.

Well, let me finish my coffee and force Cinderella to cut and paste Volume 1 of IM MON together (I'm a computer idiot). See you in a couple of hours.

I Feel Good! (I Got You!)--
The Hardest Working Man in the Writing Business,
Mr. Please Please Himself,
The Godfather of Haiku,
The Funky Presidente,

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