The Perpetual Book Tour Revs Up Again
Hope your 4th was great--we rolled to a spot right under the fireworks with our FBI buds and made plans for the apocalypse. Our kids ran around with sparklers. The sky was 3-D above us--layers and layers of opening colors like sea creatures swimming toward us, great cosmic jellyfish.

I must leave again. The Fall's touring is sputtering to life--journeys that will take me to Dallas, Santa Fe, Steamboat Springs, all kinds of interesting places. Goin' to Walla Walla, y'all! Goin' to Idaho! But first, I must go to London. Then back across "The Pond" on the QMII, leading book chats about my books. There's a man on the cruise who says he travels with a female ghost who appears to people she likes. You know me...I'll be dying for her to jump out of my mirror.

So this will all crash to a halt right about now. I have good Immigration Monday materials on hand, and if I have time before the flight on Sunday night, I'll post it early. If not, well, all good things come to those who wait. They have an internet cafe set up on the QM, so if I get some time, I might fire you a cyber post-card from the middle of the Atlantic.

Dude--I'm going to go gawk at Abbey Road.

See you on the rebound--
Sgt. Jalapeno Pepper

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