Not Quite Immigration Monday
It's late Monday night. I just came in from the airport--again. My eyeballs are rattling around in my head. I haven't got the energy or material ready for a good solid Immigration Monday until this madness abates a little. But...Steamboat Springs! Good golly. I'll write to you about it later.

Two things before I drag my ragged bootay upstairs to bed--got to get up at 6:30 to drive Megan to school--that are both relevant to our ongoing immigration revelations:

ONE. The Devil's Highway has just been picked up by a Roman publisher! It will be appearing next year in Italian! That's the last thing on earth I expected.

TWO. I might have mentioned the amazing gig I got to do in Holland, Michigan. Feels like it was, oh, ten years ago, but it was, let's see, about seven minutes ago. Anyway, that was at Hope College. They managed to fill the auditorium with 1,000 people. Those of you who have known me for a while know that I am mighty familiar with the fifteen...ten...three people book signing and reading. So, the point is, Hope College is a Christian school. And they have come up with the best immigration motto ever. I want to steal it for this, our li'l bloga. You t-shirt makers and ball-cap designers should get on it, too.

Hope took the classic WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) rubber faith-bracelet and evangelical mantra, and transformed it into subversive, but truly prophetic ass-whuppin' righteousness.

Their WWJD says: Who Would Jesus Deport?

Think about it my dear friends.

Oh, let's go to bed now. I'll dream about you if you'll dream about me. I'll meet you here later this week and we'll discuss the aspens, the Rockies, Steamboat, and our burnin' love for our new pal, Jane Hamilton.

Buenas noches,

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