Writing Meditation on the road again
Ah yes--the Perpetual Tour. Next Stop: El Paso. Viva El Chuco! Going to speak to school kids and to a hoity-toity library crowd. Going to place a historical marker on Teresita's house. Going to hang with Bobby Byrd, Big Papa of Cinco Puntos Press. Cinderella is loading my iPod with new tunes--got the new Cafe Tacuba, and the entire "Left of the Dial" boxed set. I have the maddest split personality iPod in the world. Have to throw some Kerouac on there. Chet Baker. Alicia Keyes. Charles Bukowski. I actually have a recording of Walt Whitman speaking: I'ma put that on there too! Take the ghosts with you, man! Life is short, then you go with Walt and life will be long again! We'll all take turns dancing on the rings of Saturn. But right now, it's wash the jeans (too big for me--yay) and pack the bag and head for the home away from home, O'Hare. People like me want to know what I read and what I listen to. I'll probably put up a trivial blog when I get home. What I have on the mojo music machine this year. Oh, and when I get back, I get to go tour a new orphanage in town--I'll be on the board of directors. How do you like that. Right back to Across the Wire and the best job on earth--helping orphans. Can't wait.

Here's a thought:

You know I say just what I think, and nothing more and less. I cannot say one thing and mean another.

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

See you later.

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