Immigration Irritation Monday
WWJD? Who Would Jesus Deport?

“Stop worshipping your opinions.” – Zen Saying

Let’s get to it, shall we?



I have been suggesting for a while that you get what you ask for.

You want the immigrants gone—well, they’re leaving. Now, we cannot whine when they leave that things are rough without them. That is so typical of this mincing little age of complaint. So buck up, America!

Your apple crops are in danger! Well, save some bees because you’ve convinced Mexican pickers to stay home. Your strawberry crops are in danger! Well, get the homeless out there to pick, because you’ve convinced the Mexican pickers to stay home. You can’t get maids or janitors in the northwest or the far west! You can’t get frycooks! You can’t get slaughterhouse workers or meat-processors! How about the town in New Jersey that passed stringent anti-immigrant laws and then went bankrupt? Now they’re rescinding the laws so they can make money. Money, after all, is God. All immigration sins are forgiven if you’ll just bring back the Holy Money!

Yes, well. Tuesday Nov. 13, 2007. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE, front page. The headline: “Illegal Residents Pass Up Mortgages: Deportation fears lead to big drop in applications.” If I had been the headliner, I would have headed the story: “DUH: No whining.”

Wait! Wait! Now the illegals are responsible for the mortgage crisis, too? Wait—they rebuilt New Orleans, so they were responsible form taking work from African Americans! There are 20% fewer apprehensions on the border this year. What are the Border Patrol and ICE agents supposed to do!!! Wait! Mexican truckers are driving in the US as they have done for over 20n years! Apocalypse! Oh shit—driver’s licenses for illegals! A communist plot! And now, since they are not applying for mortgages anymore, they are a major factor in the slow-down! Damn! Our enemy isn’t al-Qaeda! It’s El Pasiano!

When they go home, there will be headlines that say: “Thanks A Lot, Beaners – Where Oh Where Have Our Mexicans Gone: Wave of Illegal Alien Repatriation Responsible for Foreclosures and Abandoned Shit-Box Duplexes Thus Destroying the American Dream.”

They cannot be guilty of being here and not being here at the same time.

One last time, y’all: YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR.
No whining.



Minimum number of new U.S. anti-immigrant groups formed since January 2005: 350.
(Harper’s Magazine, “Harper’s Index,” p. 13, May 2007.)


Border Fence is a Joke—You Heard it Here First:


What’s up in Texas? Operation Streamline!



In the twenties and thirties, Anglo-Saxon superiority was virtually taken for granted not only in literature but in daily life. And nowhere was this belief more pronounced than in New England. Here the D.A.R. held sway, and the inhabitants of the self-styled Shrine of Liberty shuddered as their communities were invaded by immigrants. Ignoring the fact that most of these “foreigners” had been imported by blue-blooded, 100 percent Americans to provide cheap labor for their factories, they watched in dismay as cities became crowded, old landmarks gave way to new construction, and their political, economic and social control gradually vanished.

(Robert Bloch, introduction to THE BEST OF H.P. LOVECRAFT.)

The twenties and the thirties? It sounds like 2007. HP Lovecraft! How appropriate—it’s a true horror story.



Check out the Real Deal. Readers of ACROSS THE WIRE and of BY THE LAKE OF SLEEPING CHILDREN already know Pastor Von, or as the generations of needy Mexican kids have always called him, “Hermano Bon.” If you want to see for yourself what it means to save the world, look here.

If you want to read Von’s stories, dispatches, and prayer letters (and see his pictures) go to:
Request “special stories” or “Von’s stories.” See what happens.

If you are a Believer or a bleeding heart or a person who wishes to make a difference, I can attest that if you send $$$ to Spectrum Ministries Inc., it will go directly to the garbage dumps, orphanages, street gangs, hookers, abandoned moms, adulteresses, junkies, winos, street scum, beggars, lepers, insane, criminals, jailbirds, hungry, filthy, huddled masses. All those vermin Jesus Christ was always entertaining.

I will give you your money back if Von doesn’t do EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL with it. I dare you—save the world.



OMG—I am on YouTube. Gack! But if you want to subject yourself to it, go there and enter my name in the Search Engine. Hey—87 people have gone there, so you know it’s a MASSIVE HIT. Watch out, Justin Timberlake. Me, on the front steps of Teresita Urrea’s house in El Paso. Trying to keep the city council from tearing it down to make a parking lot. OMG? How about, WTF!



Notre Dame University’s Institute for Latino Studies has done an amazing body ofm work this year on the topics of which we speak. They publish the policy-wonk journal, LATINO RESEARCH. In it, you will find data from their tireless surveys and polls, interviews and field work.

Here are some of their findings.

Are Immigrants from Latin America making ths situation in Illinois better, or worse, or not having much effect?

Food, music arts:
Whites—66% Better; Little effect—29%; Worse
Blacks—57% Better; 37% Little Effect; 6% Worse.

Whites—32% Better; Little Effect-- 29% ; Worse--40%
Blacks—Better—19%; Little Effect—47%; Worse—35%.

Quality of Life:
Whites—32%Better; 43%--little effect; 25% worse
Blacks—19% Better; 65% little effect; 16% worse.

Social and moral values:
Whites—35% Better; 42% little effect; 22% worse
Blacks—13% Better; 71 % little effect; 16% worse.

Quality of public schools:
Whites—16% Better; 33% little effect; 52% Worse
Blacks-- 19% Better; 65% little effect; 16% worse.

Opportunities for you and your family:
Whites—7% Better; 62% little effect; 32% Worse
Blacks-- 8% Better; 49% little effect; 52% Worse.

Whites—12% Better; 42% little effect; 32% Worse
Blacks—5% Better; 43% little effect; 52% Worse.

Whites—12% Better; 42% little effect; 67% Worse
Blacks-- 4% Better; 28% little effect; 68% Worse.

Mixed results—though it’s interesting that whites are far more certain that Latinos lower school standards than Blacks are. Is this a burb/city dynamic? I don’t know.

Here’s another interesting table:

“Please tell me if you agree strongly, agree somewhat, disagree somewhat, or disagree strongly with each of these statements: Immigrants from Mexico…”

Fill jobs that are otherwise hard to fill:
Whites-- Strongly Agree/Agree: 74%; Strongly disagree/Disagree: 26%
Blacks-- Strongly Agree/Agree: 76%; Strongly Disagree/Disagree: 24%.

Are hard working and talented:
Whites—SA/A: 70%; SD/D: 30%
Blacks—SA/A: 45%; SD/D: 55%.

Have strong family values:
Whites—SA/A: 90%; SD/D:10%
Blacks-- SA/A: 86%; SD/D: 14%.

Are productive citizens:
Whites—SA/A: 68%; SD/D: 20%
Blacks-- SA/A: 42%; SD/D: 58%.

Start new businesses:
Whites—SA/A: 80%; SD/D: 20%;
Blacks—SA/A: 85%; SD/D: 15%.

Help the economy by providing low-cost labor:
Whites—SA/A: 55%; SD/D: 45%
Blacks—SA/A: 35%; SD/D: 65%.

On the negative front, there’s a fascinating flow. 57% White and 70% Black think Mexican immigrants drain government services. 30% W and 70% B (!) think they are too pushy in their demands forr equal rights. 42% W and 75% B believe they drive wages down. 48% W and 77% B believe they take jobs from Americans. 12% W and 20% B think they threaten US security. 45% W and 78% B think they cause higher unemployment. 30% W and 30% B believe they divide the country.


In 2006, Latino in North Carolina paid $756 million in state taxes. In Texas, a study showed that if the 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in TX were to vanish, it would cost the state $17.7 billion in gross state revenues.

(Vol. 4, No. 6, July 2007.)



Earlier, I suggested in one of these blogs that remittance money was vanishing. That is, money going back to Mex and Latin America. Many theories abound, but some of the most interesting theories are from The World Bank and its associates. See for yourself:

Type in “remittances.”


Ah, yes—Who Would Jesus Deport?
Who Would Pastor Von Deport?
Who Would The World Bank Deport?

I have piles of stuff here for you. Maybe next week.

Transformed, by the renewing of our minds! (Romans 12:2.)

Adios, amigos!
Luis…er, I mean LEWIS

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