Immigration Mini-Monday
Nov. 25. Still feeling the Gratitude. And posting this one early--and short--because I'm leaving again. Just like that song my girlfriends sniffled over back in the dinosaur age--"I'm leavin' on a jet plane..." Don't want to go. I never want to go. But I'll be at UC Davis, and I'll be hooking up with Yuma's Sheriff Ogden. Let the bad guys try to get me now! Immigration. Hasn't it worn everybody out yet?

If you watch the CBS Sunday Morning Show, you saw a great immigration gratitude story today. If you missed it, go to and hunt for the show buttons and punch it up. You will see the amazing story of Dr. Quinones--the superstar young brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Quinones came to the US "illegally," and jumped the fenc in the southwest. He worked picking and "pulling weeds." Slept in a ruined little trailer. But he went to school. He got into Berkeley. He got a scholarship to Harvard. He became a US citizen and went to med school.

But he doesn't feel at peace with how he got here--though he knows he'd do it again. And now he's making amends for his entry into the country by dedicating himself to a life of service. To pay back the United States and to earn your forgiveness.


Along these lines, allow me to also offer you a great--the greatest--immigration story. Even Drudge, no friend of the undocumented, had to post it. It's too good.

It's the story of a terrible crash in the wilderness, and a dead mom, and a lost nine year old boy facing death by exposure. It's the story of an "illegal" making his way through the desert who found the boy and chose to keep him company. Built him a fire. Gave him his coat. And stayed with him until help found them--a move that would probably result in his being arrested. And cast out.

Who among us has stepped right out of the Bible? That guy. That good Samaritan. Who Would Jesus Deport? Not him, I'd wager. Here's the link:


That's all I've got, and it's more than enough. Did you ever imagine the border is also about love and respect? Did you ever dream that immigration, even "illegal" immigration, could also be about gratitude and beauty? Is it possible that the scuttling wicked cockroach people we despise and defame have among them men and women we might--oh my God--admire? Hey, I'm stupid that way. I still believe in love. Not love beads or peace signs or tie-dyes or cuddly wuddly kittenz. Love. The kind of love that would die for you, or risk imprisonment for you, or save your life. I still believe in people, despite the ghastly evidence to the contrary in the world today.

Get out the nails and cross-beams, amigos--it's still the most revolutionary topic in town.

Give thanks. Offer praise. Do something. Get your hands dirty. Praying isn't enough.

See you in California.

Wish I could stay's snowing.

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