Thank You, World
Ah, more snow. So the fighting Illini got whupped by Arizona today. We were there because Eric drums for the Illini. The drunk punk-ass Arizona fan in front of us dumped his whole beer glass on the Chicago guy in front of him. We thought there would be a real Chi-Town tune-up on the Wildcat fan, but it turned out to be a mild-mannered guy who threw his hands in the air and cried out, as if to the gods themselves, "Dude, you just ruined our whole day! I hope you enjoy the game!" Oh snap.

But Eric, if you follow college sports, and why should you, is going to the Rose Bowl. Yay. Except now Daddy gets to spend thousands of dollars! Air fares! Hotels! Rental cars! Grand stand tickets! Game tickets! Oh heck--in for a penny, in for a pound. Might as well take the girls to Disneyland so we can watch New Year's Eve fireworks. Man, I'd better write another book.

All by friends from So Cal who have been asking me to come home did not have this in mind.

However, we will be back this summer. It is the Urrea Catastrophic Emergency Writing Service all over the USA this summer. I am the FEMA of writing in '08. Perhaps I will see you in one of these locations. Solana Beach, CA, is doing Devil's H as its all-city read, so we're trying to organize with them so I can hit town in June. Then on to Santa Barbara to their lit fest. Then up the coast, poikng around in Bigfoot country, and over to holy Wallowa Valley, Oregon, for Fishtrap. I've been talking Fishtrap up to you for years--well, here I go again! From there, down to AZ and the Hassayampa writing institute. I limp home from there and fly to Vermont for Breadloaf. Why am I doing all of these? I don't know. I have lost control. I'm like the gal in "Oklahoma" that can't say no.

The plan is that Hummingbird begins filming in September. I get much wealthier. I start to make noises about retiring.

Everybody in my house is screaming with laughter. We're all crazy here. It's cold, but we're warm.

I'm thinking about........................................gratitude.

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