Hello, It's Me
Happy New Year.

White Eagle dropped me a note to let me know that NPR is running yet another reading of my story, "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses" this weekend. It's on their excellent "Selected Shorts" show. Unfortunately, we don't get that show in Cih-Town or environs. But Cinderella gets their podcasts on her iPod! So you can iPod it if you feel like it. That story has taken on a real life of its own. Now that I'm Mr. Movies, there are some movie folks talking about filming it. It got into a Best Stories of the American West antho somehow. It makes me happy, since it's my love song to my Sioux brothers and to Pine Ridge reservation. I hope we do make a movie of it--I'd like to give back some goodness to the Lakota people and take a production there and spend some needed Hollywood money on those good folks. Get all my buds in the movie!

Anyway, the reading is by Sean Patrick Leonard, from "House." Maybe we can get him to play the white guy in the movie!

I don't know if I'm ready to come back to the blog or not. This little NPR item prodded me out of my marmot's tunnel for a minute. I'm blinking at the cyber-light. I'm cranky. I'm reading and working on my book(s). I'm getting ready to return to the classroom.

Slowly, I shall come back from Christmas vacation and, no doubt, tap away here soon.

I miss you, though, and hope everything was full of nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate and laughter for you.

This is a big big big year.

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