Send Me Some Sugar-Free Chocolate

Yes, my dear friends--done. I've been beating myself against this new novel like a hawk moth at a lit screen. My wings are tattered. But I am satisfied. Justified. And finished.

I'll be delivering it to Little, Brown Firday afternoon. I think...I think.... Well, why jinx it? But I think it's really, really, really good. I vowed to make you laugh, to scare you, and to entice you with richness and amazement. And I think I even managed to make it a hankie-wetting story, too. So, whew. Glad that's done.

How's this title: Into the Beautiful North.

As soon as I get back from NYC, I'll watch a bunch of dvd's and hit the treadmill and buy loud cd's and pump iron and toughen up for the Big Marathon. Yes: Hummingbird's Daughter II.

I'll make you a bet right here and now: Beautiful North will be my third movie deal. I'll invite you now to the Urrea Rancho...out the hills.

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