Immigration Tuesday
I spread out like a fungus. I caused itching all over America. I tried to quit, and they pulled me back in!

The insane assholes of xenophobic America are blasting away at me for my SF Chronicle rant about the border fence. Yee-haw! The rodeo is ON!

See my previoius post today. I hate this shit.

I am going to surrender Immigration MOnday to my new pal, Dan Kowalski. He's the big gorilla of Bender's Immigration BUlletin. It's better and snazzier and free. Go there now!

Mad Dan coudn't control himself. He liked the essay and made a website! Yeah! So go there and look at it and post your diatribes there. Dan can take it.

For a guy who plans to abandon the immigration cause, I seem to have new websites. Huh. Go figure.

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