Snow Day
If, as some are saying, this is the last snow of the season, it's a good one. The flakes are thick and heavy--if you step outside, you can hear them hiss as they hit the ground. Almost as loud as rain. Of course, nobody is stepping uotside because we're all sick. Eric is home from college, and he is the only one not stricken with flu, but that's because he had it last week. He's dragging his nu-metal shred band, CUGSNT (WTF, Eric, WTF???), into our basement to rattle the foundations.

I'm getting ready to go on the road again. Got to get well. How does Shawn Phillips do it? I know he spent several days in bed somewhere in NY state with the flu. Then he drove himself all over the USA. He's still at it, too.

It's hard enough to just drag down to the airport and trundle off. Got to be in top form for this foolishness. Fly to New Hampshire and entertain everybody. Fly home and jump in a car with Tony and drive to Detroit. Fly back and meet Cinderella and the girls and fly to Austin. Do my gig, check out the Kerouac ON THE ROAD scroll while I'm in town, fly to Denver and rent a car and drive up to Aspen. No wonder it's hard to settle down and teach when I get home. The classroom seems so...small.

My school knows it, too. They are making me kind and generous offers to get me to stay on for three more years. I'm still such a kid at heart that three years seems like, well, forever.

Nothing too inspirational today. Just coughing, sore ribs, and a small fever. Just checking in.


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