A Meditation
I was reading one of Emmet Fox's books. Long-time readers of this blog and my writing know that I think God--or, you know, the universe--offers revelations that are often funky and funny. Perhaps the strange or noteworthy development in your day can show you something eternal. That's what I bank on. This passage made me smile, and it seemed profound in its own small way.

"I had an amusing ecperience when I first came to America. Passing an attractive-looking restaurant, I went inside, and selecting a table, sat down and waited. Nothing happened. I continued to wait. All around me, people were enjoying their food, and only I was left out. After a while the truth dawned on me--I was in a cafeteria. (This system had not yet made its appearance in England.) I then realized that while there was plenty of food to be obtained, one had to go forward and claim it for oneself, or go without. The universe is run exactly on the lines of a cafeteria. Unless you claim--mentally--what you want, you may sit and wait forever."

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